Trump Has Rage-Filled Meltdown After Learning Americans Want Him Removed From Office (TWEET)

If Donald Trump’s recent threats of violence against members of the free press weren’t terrifying enough, Trump may just turn on the American people as well.

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After recently tweeting a video of himself beating up CNN and spending most of the last week attacking the media, Trump is now directing his anger at the people he is supposed to be protecting.

Thanks to Trump’s increasingly erratic behavior, calls for his impeachment via the 25th Amendment have only grown louder and more viral as the days go by. He must have been living under a rock for his entire presidency so far, because Trump is just finding out about these calls for his removal – and White House sources say he is absolutely “furious” that these calls are now trending on Twitter.

Jon Cooper reported:

The 25th Amendment clearly states that if “the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.”

As we have seen in several recent events, Trump is more mentally unstable than he’s ever been, and he’s absolutely incapable of running the country and carrying out his presidential duties at the level they need to be performed at. He lacks both the physical and mental health to lead the nation, and he needs to be stopped.

The American people made sure that Trump lost the popular vote by millions in the 2016 election, but by an unfortunate twist of fate thanks to the Electoral College and the meddling of the Russian government, he is what the country got stuck with.

While Trump’s fury and rage over the true feelings of the American public toward him is somewhat rewarding, no one should ignore how dire this situation could get. If Trump begins to turn on the public like he has on the media simply for criticizing him, this could turn into an entirely new nightmare for Americans.

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