Trump Has Colossal Meltdown As GOP Ignores His Cries To Repeal Obamacare

Apparently, the Republican Party has had all the embarrassment they can take over their failed attempts to repeal and replace Obamacare – which is why Donald Trump’s repeated demands to keep trying are now falling on deaf ears.

During Donald Trump’s short presidency, the GOP has tried several times to create a “better” solution for Obamacare, only to be met with atrocious scores from the Congressional Budget Office and the wrath of millions of Americans who will lose their health care coverage. Each time, the proposed health care legislation failed to get enough support, adding even more humiliation to a party who complained about the Affordable Care Act for several years without even trying to come up with a decent alternative.

Despite these mounting failures, Trump is still pushing for Obamacare to be repealed – except no one is listening anymore. Senate Republicans are legit IGNORING Trump now and are moving on to focus on other things. The Daily Beast reported:

Trump held talks on Monday with Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, ostensibly to convince him to get his home state senator, John McCain, to drop opposition to the last Senate bill. And an administration official told The Daily Beast that, “the President wants the Senate to act by fulfilling its promises to repeal and replace Obamacare.”

Almost two weeks ago, Senate Republicans stated that they would hold bipartisan hearings in September, focusing on stabilizing the insurance market. While Trump whines about healthcare, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has already pivoted and is now focusing on tax reform. To everyone but Trump, the idea of repealing Obamacare is dead at the moment.

Trump is responding by throwing tantrums and pushing Senate Republicans, but they couldn’t care less. They know that repealing Obamacare would be disastrous for the GOP and their careers. Most of them already feel no loyalty to Trump and will opt to choose their seats over doing his bidding.

In just six months, Trump has lost almost all the respect and support of his own party. We can only imagine how awful his presidency will look if he lasts his full term.

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