Trump Has A Real Issue With Shaking Hands; Embarrasses America Twice In Two Days

Just yesterday while in France kicking it with French President Emmanuel Macron, Trump hit the people with another weird handshake with the world leader. Of course, it went viral.

This comes just a day after Trump strong armed Macron’s wife, Brigitte Macron. It was just so weird and almost hard to watch. Now today Trump held on to Macron’s arm as if he was Jack holding on to Rose’s arm (all my Titanic lovers will get it).  Take a look at the video below

Did he really greet another person while still holding on to Macron’s hand? It was quite embarrassing. So much so that MSNBC threw their jabs at the moment. Anchor Katy Tur said,

“Right before leaving France, President Trump and French President Macron, who seemed to be enjoying new romance, began to press the flesh and wouldn’t let go.”

She even described him bringing in the wife as a 3-way action. Adding,

“He even brought in Brigitte Macronin for a three-way handshake and makes you wonder what is next? Arm wrestling?”

MSNBC with the shade though? Seriously, what is up with Trump and his handshakes? Is he trying to prove himself from the failing handshake from yesterday? Like how can you possibly overthink a handshake? He is just weird.I am tired of seeing him embarrass the country in his decisions and his actions. NEXT.

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