Trump Had A Meltdown At His Illegal Fundraiser Last Night, Leakers Share Disturbing Details (TWEETS)

If you needed a reminder that Donald Trump is mentally incompetent, you don’t need to look any further than the fact that he is currently running a reelection campaign, despite the fact that his approval rating is at an unprecedented low and he’s accomplished almost nothing within his first six months of being president. Trump’s instability and disconnection from reality is striking, and what happened last night at his secret illegal fundraiser is a perfect example.

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Last night, Trump held a reelection fundraiser that was supposed to be kept quiet. Fortunately, what went on in the fundraiser is being leaked to the press, and it honestly sounds like Trump had a major meltdown. According to the comments leaked so far, Trump became totally unhinged and went off on several incoherent rants in which he victimized himself and indulged in conspiracy theories against the mainstream media.

Here’s what we know so far:

The state of Trump’s mental health just keeps getting worse and worse. He is absolutely insane if he thinks that America is going to want anything to do with him in 2020 – especially when most of America is calling for his impeachment.

Even if Trump makes it to the end of his first term without getting impeached, he has basically set the stage for a Democratic presidential candidate to take the White House away from him and the disastrous, imploding Republican Party. The entire GOP has screwed itself over by allowing Trump to become president, and many Republican lawmakers already have regrets about it.

Trump’s reelection fundraiser is an absolute joke, much like his presidency and weak leadership. He is completely delusional to launch a reelection campaign with his current ratings, and he needs to be kicked out of office as soon as possible so no one has to endure another presidential campaign from him.

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