Trump Goes On Latest Rant; Thinks Bernie Would Have Beat Him (TWEET)

In an unexpected turn of events, it would seem Donald Trump thinks Bernie Sanders would have defeated him in the general election. If he doesn’t believe this, then his latest tweet is just a cheap jab at Hillary Clinton and Democrats with no grasp of reality and shows a continued obsession of the election as he fails to recognize he’s nearly six months into his term.

Either way — the man is unhinged and should probably have his phone put in the freezer until further notice.

On Sunday morning, Trump tweeted out:

“Hillary Clinton colluded with the Democratic Party in order to beat Crazy Bernie Sanders. Is she allowed to so collude? Unfair to Bernie!”

This is a pathetic tweet on so many levels.

First, he’s trying to pivot from his own alleged collusion with Russia and is trying to say “Hillary did it, too!” (she didn’t). Secondly, Trump calls Bernie crazy and then tries to say he would have defeated Hillary Clinton, even though Hillary won because she got millions of more votes. Just like she did in the general election. People like her. Lastly, Trump clearly insinuates that Bernie would have had a real chance at winning if he had been given the chance to run in the general, so Trump is bashing himself there.

Trump is trying to get Democrats mad at Democrats instead of mad at him. This is all he’s doing. And to be frank, any Democrat that falls for it — is dumb. It’s a clear manipulation maneuver and not a very crafty one at that. He’s trying to pivot from his own wrongdoing — that’s all it is.

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