Trump Goes Full-Fascist With Latest Tweet Meltdown Attacking The Free Press

Donald Trump has spent his first month in office ignoring his cratering poll numbers and instead consumed with a rage for the media. coincidentally, the media outlets he hates are also the ones who won’t mind exposing things like his corruption or conflict of interests.

On Friday, Trump returned to his favorite place to vent – Twitter – and lashed out at a number of outlets that he called “fake.”

Trump is becoming more unglued by the day. At a press conference the previous afternoon, he accused several reporters of being “fake news” before they even finished their questions. When a Jewish reporter asked him about the rise in anti-Semitic hate crimes lately, Trump told him to shut up and sit down. A further disparaged a reporter from the BBC for not other reason than that he assumed he would ask him a hard question. It was a surreal assault on the free press from a man who has already shown many of the signs of authoritarian impulses.

As if to prove he’s retreated into an echo chamber of right-wing propaganda news, Trump later added that Rush Limbaugh, one of the least credible people in America, was better than actual journalists.

Earning the praise of Limbaugh is not exactly something a person should be bragging about.

Trump’s insistence that the press conference was greet gives us a pretty terrifying look into the warped psyche of the man who now sits in the Oval Office. By any definition, Trump’s unhinged, rambling appearance at the podium was not “effective.” It was not even sane. It was a downright trainwreck, and somehow the only person who doesn’t know it is Trump himself.

Featured image via  Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images

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