Trump Goes Full Dictator On Twitter, Denies That He’s A ‘Civilian’ (TWEET)

No one needs to look any further than the way Donald Trump has conducted himself over his entire life to see that he thinks he’s above the law. From the corruption in his business dealings to his fraudulent Trump ‘University’ to his numerous sexual assault allegations, Trump never thought he had to follow the rules – and this has gotten even worse since he mistakenly got elected.

Since Trump got into the White House, his love for power and authority has gotten completely out of hand, and yesterday the unworthy POTUS actually admitted that he doesn’t think he has to follow the rules that the rest of Americans adhere to. Adding to all the nonsense that Trump was tweeting yesterday, he posted a disturbing message that blatantly (and incorrectly) stated that since he is President of the United States, he is no longer a civilian. Trump tweeted:

While most of us have worried that Trump would become an authoritarian leader in the past, now we have direct proof that that’s exactly what he wants. Someone should tell Trump that being president doesn’t actually make him a member of the military – he is still a civilian, who was appointed to serve in public office. Trump is acting like he’s a military officer and that his power can go unchecked (even though he has been disappointed many times to find that there ARE checks and balances).

This is just another incident out of many that shows that Trump is mentally unfit for the presidency. He never thought he had to adhere to the rules in the first place, and now that he’s POTUS he’s let his position go to his head. Whether he likes it or not, Trump still needs to adhere to the Constitution. Now that he is under investigation and his life is more public than ever, he’ll have a harder time than ever carrying out his love for authoritarian leadership the way he wants to.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

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