Trump Goes BALLISTIC Over Failed GOP Health Care Plan, Viciously Blames Democrats (TWEET)

Donald Trump started his Saturday by having an absolutely psychotic mental breakdown on Twitter in which he complained about everything from “fake news” to his Russia scandal to Hillary Clinton to former FBI Director James Comey.

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This meltdown lasted several hours, and he decided to end it by bringing up the failed GOP health care plan. Never one to take responsibility for anything he is involved in, Trump blamed the failure of the unethical, deeply unpopular health care legislation on…Democrats. Trump tweeted that the Democratic Party had “no ideas or votes” and accused them of “obstruction.”

Despite how many times Trump says Obamacare is “dead”, the numbers have consistently proven him wrong. Obamacare is more popular and successful than ever, and Trump probably doesn’t want to admit that part of the reason it is so loved by Americans is that he and the Republican Party have completely butchered their attempts at a replacement. According to PolitiFact:

The CBO and other independent analyses have found the health care system to be stable.”

While Obamacare could be adjusted and improved, it’s far from the disaster Trump wants America to believe it is. The Affordable Care Act was a major piece of legislation by former POTUS Barack Obama and the Democratic Party, and they worked hard on it for months. We wish we could say the same about the Republican Party, who merely complained about it for years and fell flat on their faces once they had the opportunity to come up with something “better”.

The failure of the GOP’s health care bill is on Trump and the Republicans – no one else. It was not a good bill, and it never will be because Trump refuses to actually do his job and listen to constructive criticism.

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