Trump Gets BURNED After Complaining That GOP Isn’t Talking About How ‘Good’ Their Healthcare Bill Is

Another day, another lie, another epic mocking for being a dumbass.

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Donald Trump’s streak of embarrassing himself and the country continued on Wednesday morning after Trump announced that he is meeting up with Republican senators for lunch to discuss the failed Trumpcare bill.

As we all know, the bill would strip healthcare away from over 20 million Americans, make premiums skyrocket, and give a massive tax cut to the wealthy.

The bill is so bad that it even failed to gain full support of all Republicans in the Senate. And when it failed, Trump threw a hissy fit.

Now he apparently wants Republicans to try again, and he wants them to lie in order to sell the bill to the American people.

And there it is. Trump literally wants Republicans to insist that their bill is “good” even though a majority of Americans disapprove of it, and Senate Republicans have made repeated efforts to hide just how bad the bill is. For instance, when House Republicans passed their version of the bill, they didn’t even read it, nor did they wait for the Congressional Budget Office to score it.

The reason why Republicans are incapable of talking about how “good” their healthcare bill is is because it isn’t “good” at all. This bill would be a disaster for our country.

Twitter users rushed to inform Trump of that fact.

Trump is truly delusional if he thinks he can turn a turd like the Trumpcare bill into a diamond over the course of a single lunchtime.

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