Trump Forces Poland To Bus In Crowds To Cheer For Him When He Visits (DETAILS)

The fragility of Donald Trump’s ego never ceases to amaze us. It’s been widely reported that Trump is so thin-skinned and sensitive, his staff must go to great lengths to shield him from negative news coverage because it might trigger yet another damaging Twitter meltdown. It turns out, the special treatment that Trump gets isn’t just a task for his administration – other countries are practically being forced to play along.

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Earlier this year, Trump made his first trip overseas and it was an absolute disaster. Not only did Trump truly embarrass America, but it became clear that the rest of the world hates him just as much as we do. The U.K. claimed that due to the global resistance against him and his fear of being met with angry protesters, Trump didn’t want to pay a visit to its biggest ally anymore.

Apparently, Poland is trying to get around the fact that Trump is a child and needs to be coaxed like one. Polish media agencies are now reporting that the Polish government are going to great lengths to make Trump comfortable enough to visit their country. To combat the fact that most of Poland’s citizens dislike Trump, the country is going to bus people in to cheer for him during his visit.

The Associated Press stated that the Polish government “promised the White House a reception of cheering crowds as part of its invitation” and will “bus in groups from the provinces to hear Trump’s speech” to accomplish this.

This approach may be easier said than done, though. According to a new Pew poll, only 23 percent of Polish citizens view Trump favorably. In contrast, 58 percent of these citizens had confidence in former POTUS Barack Obama.

Trump’s lack of popularity combined with his insane ego is becoming a major obstacle to his presidential duties, as well as a drain on the world’s resources. No country should have to go out of their way like this simply because the leader of the free world can’t handle criticism. Something tells us that America is far from the only country that longs for the days of Obama.

Featured image via Mark Wallheiser  / Getty Images

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