Trump Flunkies Whine About Harvey Weinstein – Conveniently Forget Trump Is Also A Sexual Predator


Trump’s fanboys and girls have been driven into overtime trying to demonize Democrats for taking donations from Harvey Weinstein. They’re feverishly working on destroying any comparisons between their Predator-In-Chief and Weinstein, despite the fact that both are sexual predators who need to be relegated to the bad horror stories.

Of course, Don Trump Jr. is one of those defending Trump. After all, they are blood, and if they can’t stand up for each other, well, then the Abuser-In-Chief will find ways to force them to do so. The younger Trump said:

And there it is. It took Republicans a lot more time to get outraged about Trump’s “Access Hollywood” tape, and that only includes those who did. Many were quick to excuse that tape as “privately shared locker room talk.” Lest anyone forget, that tape is where he literally admitted to kissing women without their consent and that he can “grab women by the p***y” because he’s a star and we all let stars assault us sexually.

Weinstein is disgusting, no doubt. His company was right to get rid of him because he should be nowhere near any woman ever again. But the right’s insistence that there is no comparison is just as disgusting as what Weinstein did, if not worse. Even the RNC chair, who is a woman, went through a ridiculously complex maze of bullshit to conclude that it’s disrespectful to compare Trump to Weinstein. Part of her logic is that Weinstein admitted to being a predator, whereas Trump has not.

We guess that Trump saying something isn’t true is gospel truth, even though all evidence points to the contrary.

Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images

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