Trump Fires First Female Black Usher In WH History; Wants To Destroy Obama’s Legacy

In an attempt to dismantle every single piece of President Obama’s legacy, Donald Trump is starting to fire White House chiefs without any warning or reasoning.

On Friday morning, Trump fired chief usher, Angella Reid, who happens to be the first woman and second African American to hold the position.

According to the Washington Post, White House officials dismissed the female usher without any prior notice–not to mention the fact that the woman didn’t even receive an actual explanation as to why she was being terminated.

“We are very grateful for her service and wish her the very best,” the official said. Reached by phone, Reid declined to comment on the incident, saying only:

“I think it’s best if the White House explains.”

As usual, the White House has no sympathy and refuses to provide a valid reason behind Reid’s dismissal. Typically, the chief usher’s role is to manage all activities in the White House residence, while working as the building’s general manager. In addition, Reid also works closely with the first family, including providing guidance on the furnishings, art and decor.

Although the White House won’t say why Reid was fired, we all know what the motive is.

From the very beginning of his presidency, Trump’s main focus was to make sure Obama’s legacy would be tarnished–that includes getting rid of any one hired by the former president.

Reid previously worked for the Ritz-Carlton hotel group before joining the White House in 2011 during Barack Obama’s tenure. In the past, ushers have served multiple administrations. There have only been ten ushers since 1896. It would make no sense for Trump to fire an usher, unless the individual was hired by Obama, of course.

Trump needs to stop his ongoing vengeance against Obama and actually focus on bettering our nation. No matter what Trump says or does to make Obama look bad, he will still be the better president. Period.




Featured Image via Getty Images/NYPost

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