Trump FINALLY Has An Economic Impact – His Tantrum Just Sold A Boat Load Of John Lewis’ Memoirs

It’s no secret that Donald Trump loves to brag about what an economic success story he is. Lately, he’s been taking it a step further by suggesting that by virtue of being elected, he has magically brought tens of thousands of jobs to the United States that would have otherwise gone overseas. In case by case, these claims have been debunked, but he continues to stand by them.

But one economic success he can take credit for is the only one he probably won’t be bragging about. Just hours after he went on an unhinged smear campaign against civil rights hero John Lewis for standing up to him, Trump inspired thousands of people to buy Lewis’s books about his experiences during the Civil Rights Movement.

Lewis’s 1999 memoir is flying up the best-sellers list – and was almost instantaneously sold out on Amazon due to high demand.

And his “March” trilogy series hit number one overall.

It’s hard to imagine this is what Trump had hoped for when he called him “all talk.”

Even worse for Trump and his companions in the Republican Party, the DNC is using the opportunity of Trump’s racially-tinged smear of Lewis to raise money to oppose Trump. Given the fact that, as of this writing, Donald Trump is still meltdown on Twitter about Lewis, this fundraiser is going to be a popular one.

In a fundraising email, the DNC asked donors to support their efforts to resist Trump’s assaults on progress.

It’s yet another reminder of how deeply unpopular Trump is. His rants are wearing thin even for his supporters. Attacking American heroes like John Lewis serves to demonstrate how truly childish Trump is behaving as he lurches towards the White House. Meanwhile Democrats appear poised to take advantage of every single one of Trump’s meltdowns to rebuild and grow stronger.

Featured image via Rick Diamond/Getty Images

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