Trump FINALLY Found One Of Those Illegal Voters, She Voted For Him Twice

When Republicans tell us that people are voting illegally, we should listen — not because it’s a widespread issue, but because those few instances of voter fraud that actually occur are generally connected to their party.

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Terri Lynn Rote was caught last year trying to do something stupid — she attempted to vote for Donald Trump twice. Her reasoning was simple: she genuinely believed (because Trump told her and others like her that this would happen) that widespread election rigging was an actual thing and that her first vote (but strangely not her second) would be changed to one for Hillary Clinton.

Ever since he lost the popular vote, Donald Trump has been pushing the lie that three million people illegally voted for Hillary Clinton. Before the election, when he believed he was going to lose, he told his idiot supporters that he would only accept the results if he won because the election was rigged. Rote, being the Trump version of a “patriot,” tried to unrig it by helping stuff the ballot in The Donald’s favor. Besides, Hillary Clinton was pure evil, if you read her now-deleted Facebook posts:

Rote, who was fired from a McDonald’s for arguing with customers, refusing to do her job, and for calling at least one African-American coworker a “n*gger,” voted the first time in Polk County. She was arrested at a satellite voting station when she attempted to cast her second magical ballot that unlike the first would be immune to alteration.

Rote’s sentencing is set for August 15, 2017.

The most important takeaway from this isn’t that Rote voted illegally or that she did it for Trump, but that she was caught. If Trump’s “voter fraud” claims were true, there could be millions of people like Rote who got busted.

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