Trump Fans LOSE IT With NPR – They’re Too Stupid To Know What The Declaration Of Independence Is


Donald Trump fans have taken to Twitter to throw a livid fit at NPR because apparently, they thought NPR was issuing a call to arms against Trump. Or something. The sad thing is that the tweets these poor, concrete-skulled Trump fans thought was a call for revolution and general disrespect towards Trump ended up being…

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…the full Declaration of Independence. Line by line, NPR tweeted the entire Declaration of Independence, as well as read it over the airwaves.

That’s it. That’s all. They read and tweeted the Declaration of Independence. And Trump fans lost their damn minds and seemed to believe they were putting NPR in its place. They were sitting, all high and mighty on their pedestals of stupid, tweeting out their sheer ignorance of this country’s founding documents and generally proving that they voted for Trump because they’re idiots.


While we don’t expect people to have the entire Declaration of Independence memorized, word for word, perhaps these Trumpettes should go back to school for a bit. For most of Twitter, these tweets came out-of-context, but Trump fans need to at least learn basic critical thinking skills to figure out what out-of-context tweets look like instead of making assumptions about an agenda because the tweets come from a “liberal” media source they hate.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons and Twitter

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