Trump Fans Explain That They Hate ‘FAKE NEWS’ Because ‘They Try to Answer Your Questions’

Trump fans are angry — but not at him. Even though he has repeatedly broken promises he made to them during the campaign, pushed our country to the brink of war, destroyed our international relationships, and has generally been the absolute worst President* our country has yet seen.

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Almost 100 Trump fans gathered at Dave and Amy’s diner in White Lake, Michigan where they whined about the FAKE NEWS media.

“It seems to be a one-sided story all the time,” says firefighter Tim Rugg. “With regards to  President Trump, they’re continually beating, pounding. They can’t blow their nose without someone getting on them.”

Apparently “blow their nose” is the new code word “colluding with a hostile dictator to undermine our election” to these people.

“Yellow journalism. Don’t tell the truth. Try to get something out there without the proper facts,” Rugg explained when asked what “FAKE NEWS” means. He added that there is “a silent coup going on to remove President Trump from office.”

“If you look what he’s accomplished in the short time he’s been in office, it’s incredible,” another Trump supporter says, apparently unaware that he really hasn’t accomplished anything at all outside of destroying our relationships and serving as an everyday embarrassment.

“Under the extraordinary and historical attacks and sabotage to take this president down, I think he’s doing great,” Polly Kingsley says. “I can’t imagine anybody else facing this kind of pressure and still accomplishing what he’s accomplishing.”

Interestingly, one guy is mad at the press simply for doing their job.

“I watch a lot of the news outlets and all that, and they actually almost try to answer your questions for you,” Trump fan John Brewster says. “They try to tell you how you think. I think it is a swamp — or a sewer, as he called it — and that’s on, I hate to say it, that’s on the Republicans and the Democratic side. I know I’m supposed to be 100% rah-rah-rah Republican, but I feel like he’s not getting help from both sides because he is actually trying to clean it up in there. I feel like he speaks for us.”

“It’s the stories they choose to run and how they play them,” Richard George agrees, apparently unaware that it is the job of the media to run stories that may be negative regardless of who is President. “The negative stories go to the top, and they ignore the positive stories.”

The “negative stories” about Trump, of course, have been going to the “top” because they involve him and his administration committing treason.

These people are idiots and there is no hope.

Watch it below:

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