Trump Family Just Received Devastating News About Their Businesses; This Is Pretty Bad

It seems as though Trump’s golf club empire is crashing down. The Trump family’s Southern California golf resort has seen huge drops in business since Trump launched his presidential bid.

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According to the Washington Post, revenue from greens fees at his club in Los Angeles County has dropped by about 13 percent since June of 2015.

“It’s under-performed the market since 2015,” said Craig Kessler of the Southern California Golf Association, according to the newspaper. “Just at the time when the rest of the industry was starting to see some upticks … it seems to have gone into a decline.”

In addition, the Trump’s have lost other sources of business, pointing to several charity golf tournaments that have stopped holding their events at the course and producers’ decisions to stop using the course as a location for TV shows and movies.

The Post reports:

“And the club’s wedding business seems to have been affected as well. Couples used to hold big outdoor ceremonies at a city park across the street, then return to Trump National for a reception.

Nobody’s done that since November, according to city records.

The troubles at the L.A. club mirror those that have been reported at some other Trump properties. Together, they illustrate an unexpected side effect of the presidency: In some cases, it has proven a challenge to sell the president’s brand, without offering proximity to the presidency itself.”

Not only is Donald Trump destroying our country, but he is ruining the Trump brand as well.





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