Trump EXPLODES, Gets Into A Fight With Reporter Who Asked About Transgender Ban (VIDEO)

Yesterday was quite a day in Donald Trump’s presidency. He started the day by announcing via Twitter that he was banning transgender individuals from serving in the U.S. military – a move that sparked outrage across the country.

More details emerged about this sudden decision, making it all the more disturbing. For example, it was discovered that Trump made this decision pretty much on his own, without consulting his Secretary of Defense. The Pentagon was 100 percent kept in the dark as Trump abused his power and acted like the dictator he wishes he could be. Even more disturbing was the fact that Trump announced this transgender ban without citing any specifics, adding to the chaos. And, Trump punished those who tried to get the facts.

On Wednesday afternoon, several hours after he first announced the transgender ban, Trump delivered a few remarks to a gathering of the American Legion Boys Nation and Auxiliary Girls Nation at the White House. When a reporter tried to ask Trump about his new transgender military ban, Trump pretty much lost it. The reporter understandably asked Trump to elaborate on what influenced him to change the military policy:

Mr. President, how did you decide your policy on transgender people in the military?”

Trump didn’t even try to answer the question – instead, he just shook his head and said, “She’s very rude.”

This is extremely disappointing coming from the President of the United States, but responses like this one have become common practice for Trump now. He refuses to answer critical questions for the media and the American people, and instead insults or disrespects members of the press. On Monday, Trump did something similar when a reporter asked Trump for a message on health care. Trump berated the reporter and said, “Quiet.”

You can watch Trump fail to defend his transgender ban below:

Featured image via Sarah Rice / Getty Images

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