Trump Drops Bombshell Claim About Obamacare; Proves What An Idiot He Is

It ain’t even Friday yet and Trump is having the worst week ever when it comes to his Healthcare plan! He went from being excited about the new version of the plan to seemingly giving up on it all together.

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The same plan that the President has been saying would be the one to repeal and replace Obamacare is now the one that Trump is calling tough to beat Obamacare. The tables just keep on turning.  According to The Hill, Trump told reporters at the White House Wednesday,

“This will be something really special if we can get it done. Always tough. It’s probably the toughest subject from the standpoint of approval.”

However, he still found the time to bash Obamacare to boost his hurt ego a little. Saying that he still believes in his plan.

“ObamaCare has been a headache for everybody; it’s been a nightmare for many; and we’re looking at a healthcare that will be a fantastic tribute to your country. A healthcare that will take care of people finally for the right reasons and also at the right cost.”

Why does Trump continue to sell the lies about his plan? The Congressional Budget Office already stated that it would leave the 22 million people uninsured because they would not be able to afford it. Trump, sorry to break it to you but your healthcare sucks. We would rather stick with Obama’s so more people can get care and live to see another day.

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