Trump Doesn’t Care About You And Here’s The Proof

During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump told the American people he would fight for them and basically be a cure-all for all that ails them fiscally and beyond.

He was lying.

Trump promised to bring jobs back that simply no longer exist. He promised to make our education and health care systems better. He promised to reduce poverty and the opioid epidemic. However, these promises don’t only seem empty, they are empty.

No greater proof of this can be found than in what Trump chooses to focus on in his many, many tweets.

While he could be focused on making the country and the world a better place and fulfilling his many promises, Trump chooses to focus on ratings, the news media and anyone who dare criticize him. He only cares about himself and what others think of him, not the country.

“Here’s a brief tally of what Trump is tweeting about.

Trump tweeted these words this many times:

CNN: 431
ratings: 238
Fake News: 63
Poverty: 12
Education: 29
Opioid: 1

He does not care.”


Trump’s not concerned about our economic woes. He’s not concerned with the safety and well-being of the citizens he was elected by the Electoral College to lead. He’s not concerned with making sure everyone is educated and healthy. He’s concerned with how people perceive him, what the ratings are of what he and everyone else is doing, and belittling the news media. To call him a self-absorbed egomaniacal narcissist would be an understatement.

If he wants to be a leader, he better start leading and stop only caring about himself and what people are saying about him.


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