Trump Dodges Question About Climate Change; Idiotically Walks Away To Avoid Reality (VIDEO

It’s no surprise when Trump turns the tragedy of a natural disaster to pull a publicity stunt, but when reporters ask him a question he doesn’t like (or simply just doesn’t know how to answer) Trump pulls the old dodge and run tactic.

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When asked by reporters if the hurricanes were related to climate change, the president walked away, completely ignoring the press.

Q: How much will this cost?

Trump: Right now, we’re worried about lives, not cost.

Q: Question on DACA, how will you make sure Congress legalizes DACA?

Trump: [No answer. At this point, POTUS was heading to South Portico.]

Q: Are the storms the result of climate change?

Trump: [No answer]

Q: What do you mean by revisiting it [DACA] if they don’t?

Trump: [No answer]

Watch the video, here: 

Trump and his far-right clan are selling a science denial to themselves by refusing to see the link between the increased frequency of extreme weather events and climate change. I mean this is the same president whose EPA scrubbed climate change data from their websites. Republicans will continue to believe that Hurricane Harvey and Irma were a once in a lifetime event; their backwards thinking couldn’t be more out of touch with reality.


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