Trump Disrespects Americans By Promoting Upcoming Meeting With Putin On The 4th Of July

Donald Trump really can’t be this dumb! Why in the world him and hs White House Team choose Tuesday, the 4th of July, to announce his meeting Russian President, Vladimir Putin?

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This news comes after all of the scandal circling Trump and his ties to Russia as it relates to the 2016 elections. To make matters worse Trump is under federal criminal investigation for obstruction of justice for firing former FBI director James Comey because he headed the investigation into whether Trump colluded with Russia. It’s all messy.

Trump wants to try and slip this trip by the American people by dropping the news on a National Holiday. Really a meeting with your alleged partner in crime is probably not what America wants to hear on a day to celebrate the nation.

According to The Hill, this will be the first meeting between Trump and Putin since the 2016 election. Now, that’s probably not all true if you count the times they’ve probably met to figure out cover ups for their crimes.

Hopefully, the investigation is brought up.  It will be quite interesting to how the President will answer any questions or what b.s. the statement he will give. He’s proved that he is good for it.

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