Trump Desperately Attacks Hillary After Son Commits Treason, Gets ROASTED ALIVE (TWEETS)

On Wednesday, Donald Trump once again attempted to distract from that “leaked” Russia “FAKE NEWS” those evil liberal scumbags are talking about by attacking “Crooked Hillary” for all those evil things she “may” have done.

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“Why aren’t the same standards placed on the Democrats. Look what Hillary Clinton may have gotten away with,” Trump tweeted. “Disgraceful!”

Apparently, The Donald is getting nervous in the wake of his son admitting to treason on Twitter, having shared his entire email exchange with the scumbag who acted as an intermediary between him and a Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer with whom he met hoping to get information about Hillary Clinton.

Though Trump Jr. denies actually receiving any information, his dad tweeted about Hillary Clinton’s emails directly following that meeting.

Trump’s tweet may seem nonsensical, but it makes sense to hold both parties to the same standards. Hillary Clinton, for example, was forced to endure years and years of bullsh*t investigations (all of which cleared her) simply because conservatives hate her. It’s only fair that Trump endure investigations because of actual, literal collusion with one of America’s enemies.

You’ve gotta love the phrasing, though — “may have gotten away with.”

Naturally, Americans once again showed Trump that they are smarter than his moronic, meth-mouthed, white supremacist followers:

Things are going to get very bad very quickly for Trump — and, unfortunately, our country as we wait for Republicans to finally put country over party and get him out of office.

At this point, we don’t know how deep into the administration the corruption runs. It’s not enough to simply impeach Trump and replace him with one of his co-conspirators. We as Americans need to demand that this entire administration be removed. It hurts to say it, but the only solution is an unprecedented one: a new election.

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