Trump Derails Jobs Meeting To Brag About A Hole-In-One He Once Got (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has spent nearly 1/5th of his time in the White House visiting golf courses, but even when he’s back “on the job” his mind is wandering to the links. Nowhere was that more evident than during his much publicized jobs meeting scheduled for this morning.

Surrounded by CEOs and leaders of industry, Trump managed to make the conversation not about helping everyday Americans get high quality jobs but about his golf skills. To the gathered group Trump was thinking only of bragging about himself.

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While General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt began discussing the idea of bringing manufacturing jobs back to the country (one of Trump’s major campaign promises) Trump interrupted him mid-sentence to demand that he tell the story of the time Trump got a hole-in-one while the two were golfing.

Immelt said that while the two were out on one of Trump’s courses, Trump turned to him and said “I’m the richest golfer in the world,” then he got a hole-in-one. The room – filled with millionaires and billionaires – burst into laughter. Trump’s clarification is equally gross: “I actually said I was the best golfer of all the rich people.”

There is a lot going on here. Immelt could be said to be one of the inventors of President Trump, although he couldn’t have known it at the time. During his time at NBC he gave the aging, tacky Donald Trump a second life as a reality tv star. Now millions of people got the carefully manicured impression that Trump was a business genius. The reality, that he was a rich kid with as many major bankruptcies as success, didn’t play well for ratings. Many working class people voted for Trump under the impression that he was the guy they saw on The Apprentice.

Today, the cameras caught the real Trump. What a surreal moment exposing just how little Trump cares about or even empathizes with the struggling working class.

Featured image via MSNBC

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