Trump Demands Retraction Insisting He Never Called White House A ‘Dump,’ Reporter Tells Him To Go F*ck Himself


Donald Trump has resorted to calling Golf Magazine “fake news” because they reported on a remark he made to a group of buddies before teeing off at his golf resort.

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During an outing at his Bedminster, New Jersey golf course, Trump expressed his dislike of the living in the White House.

“That White House is a real dump,” he reportedly said. Those five words touched off a firestorm as Americans expressed disgust at Trump’s disrespect of the “People’s House,” a house that is full of history.

Well, Trump didn’t like being quoted so he lashed out at Golf Magazine, accused them of being “fake news” and insisted that he never made the remark.

But Golf Magazine writer Alan Shipnuck fired back, pointing out that Trump’s own golf pals ratted him out by leaking his words to the press. And Shipnuck believes them because Trump not only has a big mouth, he especially has a big mouth when he’s at what he considers his safe space.

Shipnuck explained that Trump spokesperson Hope Hicks called him up using a “confrontational and rude tone.”

Hicks demanded a retraction but Shipnuck rejected her demand and pointed out that several people witnessed Trump utter the remark.

They definitely don’t waste any time trying to be charming or friendly, these people in the White House communications department. She tried the same line on me, “That’s a lie and needs to be retracted.” I explained to her: It’s not a lie. The president said this in front of eight or nine members and staffers at [Trump] Bedminster. It was his first visit to the club after he had been residing in the White House. It was a moment of candor. Someone who was a part of that conversation relayed it to me. I found this person to be an extremely credible source on any number of topics.

“It might be inconvenient for her boss and she might wish he didn’t say it, but it’s not a lie,” Shipnuck continued, noting that he heard the same story during the U.S. Women’s Open from other sources as well.

So Trump can throw a temper tantrum all he wants, Shipnuck is standing by his reporting and a retraction will not be happening.If Trump wants to blame someone, he should blame himself for making the remark to members and staffers at his golf club.

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