Trump Completely Loses It In ‘But HILLARY!’ Twitter Rant – The Responses Are GLORIOUS (TWEETS)


Donald Trump does not like being the subject of a criminal investigation, and it’s really no wonder since he’s likely guilty as sin of both collusion with Russia and obstruction of justice. It was really only a matter of time before he threw a fit over the revelation that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is, in fact, investigating him personally for possible obstruction of justice.

First came the GOP’s talking points, many of which scream “BUT HILLARY!” It’s absolutely amazing that they think they can actually turn the conversation back toward Hillary’s emails when the country sees James Comey as more trustworthy than Trump, and he said he knew there was no case there.

And now here’s Trump himself, screaming “BUT HILLARY!” as loudly as he can on Twitter. Just look:

Hillary isn’t President, Loretta Lynch is not the Attorney General, and James Comey was very clear that Lynch didn’t try to influence the Clinton email investigation except to ask him to call it a “matter,” which bothered him. Comey also never said that anyone in the Obama administration interfered or tried to interfere in the Clinton investigation.

So what’s Twitter’s reaction? Fact-checking and derision.

Unfortunately, there’s also still a lot of support from people who can’t understand anything other than what their lord and savior, named Donald Trump, says. At this point, the whole “lock her up” thing is moot. The only reason they’re still sure that Hillary is guilty of anything warranting further investigation and prosecution is that they want there to be. So they claim there’s evidence galore surrounding her, but none surrounding Trump.

It’s like they think if they swap names, all will be well, and Trump and the GOP can finally get to their agenda of destroying everyday Americans.

Featured image via Mike Theiler-Pool/Getty Images

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