Trump Caught Promoting A Fake TIME Magazine Cover At His Golf Courses; Its So Pathetic (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is always screaming out ‘fake news’, ‘fake news’ to most all media except Fox News. The King of Trump’s ass kissers association. But who’s yelling it at him when he’s literally promoting fake news of himself inside of his businesses? How pathetic!

Trump, who’s rumored to frame all of his cover features from TIME Magazine, has a fake one framed at more than a few of his golf courses. The Washington Post reported Tuesday that Trump framed the phony TIME’s story in golf clubs, from South Florida to Scotland.

“Donald Trump: The ‘Apprentice’ is a television smash!” the big headline said. Above the Time nameplate, there was another headline in all caps: “TRUMP IS HITTING ON ALL FRONTS . . . EVEN TV!”

The cover shows a date of March 1, 2009. But there was not a single TIME cover in the year 2009 that had Trump on the cover… at all. According to WaPo, Trump cover’s secondary headlines are stacked on the right side — on a real Time cover, they would go across the top. And it has two exclamation points. Time headlines don’t yell. 

A spokeswoman from TIME confirmed the fraud saying,

I can confirm that this is not a real TIME cover.

And there it folks. End of story. It’s literally Fake News. Why is the White House so quiet now? Why hasn’t Trump taken to Twitter yet?  No one has anything to say about this. WaPo reached out to Trump but was hit with the ‘no comment’. A White House spokesperson reached back through email saying,

We couldn’t comment on the decor at Trump Golf clubs one way or another.

AKA they couldn’t find any b.s. excuses or lies to get out of this one. View the photo in the video below.

Featured Image/Video Via Getty Images And WaPo

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