Trump Caught On Tape Admitting The Real Reason He Ran For President; Voters FURIOUS

While Donald Trump’s campaign was painted as populist, which is ironic coming from a self-described billionaire, the ugly truth is just beginning to emerge. On Tuesday night, the President Elect was caught talking to a room full of his wealthy brethren at the 21 Club steakhouse in Manhattan.

During the family night out, Trump appeared to have ditched the media by not letting them know his schedule (uncommon for a President), but NBC News reporter Hallie Jackson was able to snag a reservation and she caught Trump on tape talking to the restaurant’s wealthy patrons. His message to the jubilant crowd? “We’ll get your taxes down, don’t worry about it,” to which there was a standing ovation.

This hot mic moment didn’t go unnoticed by voters, who are both unsurprised and feeling duped over the candidate’s phony message of populism.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Donald Trump is neither a populist nor is he an alternative to the Washington elite. Apparently, Trump’s version of draining the swamp is to give all the Washington insiders jobs within his transition team and cabinet.

Is lowering taxes for the wealthy the real reason Trump ran for President? Well, there’s little if any indication he’s anything but a typical trickle-down Republican when it comes to economic policy. We know that Trump hates taxes, so much so that there’s no indication he pays them. Could his quest for office be that selfish? Sure it could. That, and the office gives him (he thinks) the perfect opportunity to enact revenge against all he feels who have wronged him. In other words, for the wealthy, he’ll be a tax advocate, and for the rest, a dictator. Republicans have been trying Trump’s brand of “populism” for 36 years. It’s a failure for everyone.

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