Trump Cancels MLK Day Trip To African American Museum In Show Of Disrespect

Just one day after having a meltdown directed at civil rights hero John Lewis for criticizing him, Trump’s campaign has announced that it will no longer be going to the Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture to honor MLK Day. Adding speculation that this was done as a characteristically vindictive move against the civil rights hero, Trump likely would have come across tributes to Lewis, who marched alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at some of his most famous protests, at the event.

Instead, Trump says he’s too busy to attend.

What’s so important that Trump has to cancel a trip to a museum honoring the contributions of African Americans to the country’s betterment? It could be vanity. In the closing days before the inauguration Trump has become consumed with the tiny details of setting up his party.

And just like with his taxes; and just like with getting Mexico to pay for his wall; and just like his Obamacare replacement plan, Trump now says he will reschedule his visit to the museum for sometime after he’s president. A vague promise he has no intention of fulfilling.

Trump is expected to visit the museum sometime after he assumes office, the sources say. He will commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Washington, D.C., in another way, though details were not immediately available today.

Cancelling his appearance – whether it be because he is a disorganized mess, a egomaniac, or a vindictive jerk – sends a message loud and clear to the African American community that any possibility that Trump was going to stop being divisive and truly seek to bring all Americans together is a fantasy. He’s the same man he was during the campaign, and minorities have a right to be worried about whether or not their incoming president cares about their lives.

So far, he’s not showing it.

Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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