Trump Campaign Paying Don Jr’s Legal Bills; When They Began Shows They KNOW They Colluded (IMAGE)

If you believed Donald Trump and his sons Don Jr. and Eric when they said they would keep their business separate from that of the office of the presidency, we’ve got a bridge we’d like to sell you.

In addition to being a major part of their father’s campaign, they are still continuously being surrogates for their father in multiple ways, including the talk show circuit.

With news of Donald Trump Jr. meeting with a Russian lawyer alongside Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort showing that they were looking for opposition research from a foreign adversary, many assumed this is when Trump Jr. would lawyer up. However, he had already done so weeks prior, and not only that, his lawyer is being paid for by Donald J. Trump For President, Inc. It would appear Don Jr. is still very much involved with his father’s dealings and it would appear he knew the story was gonna drop of his alleged collusion.

In other words, Trump Jr. knew he was in trouble and the Trump campaign was quick to step up and pay for the legal bills.

Here’s the FEC filing per Daily Beast White House reporter Lachlan Markay:

“The Trump campaign began paying Don Jr’s lawyer about two weeks before the email story broke, per new FEC filing.”

If this is a “nothingburger” story, why on earth would you preemptively lawyer up if you believe you didn’t do anything wrong. Short answer — you wouldn’t. Also, the legal bills being paid for by the Trump campaign is damning in and of itself. They seem to know just how much trouble they are in, and the coming weeks and months are certainly going to be very, very interesting.

Featured Photo by Getty Images

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