Trump Campaign Accidentally Emails Its Secret New Plan To Smear Hillary To A Journalist

As the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump has shifted his focus from calling his Republican competition juvenile names to calling Hillary Clinton juvenile names. But now not only has he resorted to name-calling, he’s also flinging out every attack in the book, including trying to revitalize old scandals from Clinton’s past.

Now, Trump and his campaign are on a new quest to try to tear down Hillary, but this time around they accidentally cc’d a Politico journalist in an email and in the process accidentally tipped their hand. Apparently, Trump’s team wants to go after Hillary for Whitewater, and is seeking help from the RNC.

According to Politico:

Trump campaign adviser Michael Caputo on Wednesday morning emailed a researcher at the Republican National Committee asking him to “work up information on HRC/Whitewater as soon as possible. This is for immediate use and for the afternoon talking points process.”

The email was obtained by POLITICO when Trump campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks, who Caputo copied on his request to the RNC, accidentally responded instead to Marc Caputo, a POLITICO reporter who is not related to the Republican consultant.


And how desperate is Donald Trump to want to bring up such an old controversy? Is this their plan? Go after Hillary for ancient scandals that have long since been settled? Trump must realize that if we’re going to start talking about supposed real estate scandals like Whitewater, then reporters might start asking him tough questions about why he was giddy over the housing crash so he could make money. He can’t be that stupid, can he?

Clearly he can.

But knowing his dimwitted supporters, they’re simply not going to care, because they’re too dumb to realize the man they’re voting for is one of the people who was happy they were screwed over in the financial crash. If they actually wanted to make their lives better, they’d stop voting against their best interests, realize their being played over “values,” and dump Trump.

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