Trump Brothers Just Went After The Media And It Majorly Backfires

Trump’s two sons are continuing their father’s attacks on CNN as Donald Trump’s animosity towards the network grows.

Eric Trump tweeted this morning:

He was referencing a tweet from CNN’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta, in which Acosta said he hoped people were “enjoying #4thofjulyweekend and celebrating our cherished #1A [First Amendment] freedoms enshrined in our Constitution which cannot be taken away:

Donald Trump Jr. also inherited his father’s affection for Twitter and hatred for the media:

Twitter was quick to defend the media and journalists while giving the two privileged sons a reality check:

Much like their father, the two brothers are completely clueless and basically regurgitating  Trump’s ongoing attacks on the media.  here are far more precedent issues to worry about, yet the Trump siblings are wasting time attacking journalists because they are “bullying” his father. This goes to show, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.




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