Trump Blows Up Mitch McConnell’s Health Care Plans With One Single Tweet (IMAGE)

The Senate Republicans had been trying their hardest to get their disastrous health care bill through Congress, and they knew that if they wanted to have any measure of success, it would all depend on their ability to keep Donald Trump far, far away from it.

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The GOP has been working diligently to give Trump the least amount of visibility while fleshing out its health care legislation, but today Trump undid all of their efforts and made sure that the health care bill would continue to fail as badly as it already is. Early this morning, Trump took to Twitter to brag about how involved and knowledgeable he is on health care (even though he clearly doesn’t even know what’s in this bill).

Just last week, CNN reported on the GOP’s strategy to keep Trump out of it:

Donald Trump may be the President of the United States, but when it comes to passing health care reform through the Senate, Trump is the understudy to Mitch McConnell’s lead. Senators and their top aides on Capitol Hill have made it clear to the White House as health care legislation makes its way through the Senate that the less involved Trump is, the better for the bill’s prospects.”

Clearly, Senate Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) knows just how disastrous any connection with Trump is for the health care bill. Too bad the GOP only made it six days before Trump blew their plan to bits with this tweet:

Once again, Trump’s ego and incompetence ruin the Republican Party’s scheme. The only saving grace these Senate Republicans had for passing this bill was that Trump wasn’t very involved – and he just destroyed that for them. McConnell will never be able to get this bill passed now.

Featured image via Scott Olson / Getty Images

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