Trump Biographer Drops Bombshell About His Health, POTUS May Be In Big Trouble (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s behavior alone is reason enough to believe that he is extremely mentally unstable, but recent footage has shown a man who may have even bigger problems ahead.

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According to a Trump biographer Michael D’Antonio, a man who has observed Trump for quite a while, Trump’s health may actually be deteriorating right before our very eyes. D’Antonio shared this bombshell during a discussion about Trump’s recent awkward handshake with French President Emmanuel Macron, stating that there may have been more to that moment than what meets the eye.

D’Antonio revealed that the French government had been in contact with him before Trump won the election to inquire about Trump’s handshaking fetish, before saying:

I also think that one thing that may not be noted by most people is that I suspect the president wanted to halt the little stroll that they were having.”

That would certainly explain the footage where Trump and the French president were awkwardly holding hands for several seconds as they walked (footage below).

D’Antonio explained further:

I’ve noted in recent weeks that he doesn’t seem as vigorous. He doesn’t seem as steady on his feet. When he’s walking with someone he’ll pause often to point out something or chat, but I also think he may be steadying himself so that’s something for us to watch out for.”

It’s interesting that D’Antonio would say this, as several recent events support the claim that Trump’s health is being compromised. Earlier this month, footage was released that showed Trump getting lost on the way to his limo, which was pretty much right there. There was another incident where Trump was cluelessly standing around on a stage while he was in Poland.

Trump, who reportedly hates exercising and lives on a diet of fast food, could very well be having a physical (and mental) breakdown while in office, rendering him incapable of doing his job. The best thing for Trump, and America, would be for him to step down and get some help.

Featured image via Sean Gallup / Getty Images

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