Trump Banned Cameras At Press Briefings, So CNN Trolled Him By Sending A Sketch Artist

Donald Trump has banned cameras and even audio at an increasing number of White House press briefings, even threatening to cancel them altogether because reporters keep expecting him to be honest. Since they couldn’t send a camera crew, CNN decided to do the next best thing on Friday — they sent in Bill Hennessy.

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Now, you’re probably asking yourself “Who the f*ck is Bill Hennessy?” He’s not exactly a household name. Well, when he’s not flying through the sky at night solving crimes with superpowers he gained after an accident involving a cup of frozen yogurt, a cowbell, and a radioactive squirrel, Hennessy is a mild-mannered sketch artist for the network.

CNN is so proud of his work, which has included the Clinton impeachment proceedings, terror suspect trials, and Guantanamo Bay detainee hearings, that they even said other outlets can freely use his work. He does an amazing job, doesn’t he?

Naturally, conservatives are furious that Hennessy offered the world a glimpse into the strangely off-camera events.

While the Right doesn’t quite like people looking upon the King’s house staff, CNN equates his presence to that of a courtroom sketch artist — something the Trump administration should get used to seeing.

Well played, CNN. Well played.

Featured image via CNN

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