Trump BAFFLES Press With Bizarre Non-Answer To Why He’s Shaking Up His Staff Again (VIDEO)


Sean Spicer resigned his post as defunct White House Press Secretary on Friday, apparently passing that mantle on to Sarah Huckabee Sanders. His other role as White House Communications Director has gone to Anthony Scaramucci, which is another bizarre story altogether. Today, the press wanted to know what Trump accomplished with this latest staff shakeup, because he’s been known to do that in the past when he’s unhappy with the way things are going.

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Trump, however, didn’t want to give a clear answer. Maybe he was afraid the press would report it truthfully, which he would attack as a lie, or maybe he’s just tired of everybody dissecting his decisions because he’s the president and we’re not and it’s time we fall in line. Regardless, his answer to that question left reporters calling after him as he walked out.

What does he hope to accomplish? His four-word non-answer is below:

“Make America Great Again.” The truth is probably closer to “making my staff do nothing but quote my lies, and forcing the press to quote my lies.”

This isn’t the only change in staffing, though, and that’s part of why it’s significant. There have also been shakeups in Trump’s legal team. Mark Corallo, who was serving as spokesman for the legal team, has apparently resigned. Mark Kasowitz, one of Trump’s personal lawyers and the person who was leading the legal team, gave up that position to Ty Cobb. While he’s still there, his role has been significantly reduced.

Either people are getting tired of working for a narcissist who’s more interested in fighting imaginary enemies and hurting his own defenses in doing so, or Trump is tired of them not bowing and scraping. Either way, this has nothing to do with making America great again.

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