Trump Asked For Feedback On His Voter Fraud Commission, These Responses Are Priceless (IMAGES)

Whenever Donald Trump tries to do something, he inevitably fails or completely humiliates himself. We’ve seen this time and again in his historically unpopular presidency, and it isn’t going to change anytime soon.

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Considering that Trump is unable to accept how much most of America hates him, it’s no surprise that he’s tried to go all the way with his ridiculous election fraud conspiracy theory. Unable to accept that he lost the popular vote by millions, Trump launched a completely unnecessary voter fraud commission, and was stupid enough to ask the public for feedback (especially considering the fact that he clearly doesn’t give a sh*t about what the American people want anyway).

Well, the White House has just released 112 pages worth of feedback from Americans across the country, and something tells us this isn’t what Trump was hoping for. If Trump was looking for praise and high remarks, what he got instead is quite disappointing. Americans trashed Trump and his team, sounding off on the corruption in the Trump administration and the incompetence of Trump as POTUS. It’s an amazing document, and we’ve collected some of the best responses below:

Instead of the cooperation and helpfulness he probably expected, the responses that Trump actually got were brutal and hardly sugar-coated. However, this is exactly what he and his administration deserve and need to hear. Most Americans want nothing to do with Trump and his plans to waste everyone’s time so he can further his imaginary voter fraud conspiracy.

America is watching Trump and his team closely, and these responses prove it. He and his shady team are not fooling anyone, even though they clearly think they can just go ahead and do whatever they want. Once again, Trump is in for a very rude awakening.

Featured image via Sean Gallup / Getty Images

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