Trump And The GOP Are Making It Easier For Rapists To Get Away With Their Crime

In case you weren’t already aware, Republicans don’t work for the American people, they work for the wealthy and their own personal political careers funded by the wealthy.

Before the Affordable Care Act became law, health insurers could deny victims of sexual assault coverage because it was considered a pre-existing health condition. Thanks to the ACA, better known as Obamacare, ALL individuals with pre-existing conditions were required by law to be able to obtain coverage at no greater cost than anyone else.

Now, with the impending replacement of Obamacare with the American Health Care Act, better known as Trumpcare, those with pre-existing conditions won’t technically be denied, but they won’t be able to afford coverage. While Republicans promise “access” to care through high-risk pools, “access” does not guarantee affordability, subsequently, this will prevent many, many individuals from the ability to obtain care. Thus, Trumpcare does NOT cover pre-existing conditions, that is a farce.

In addition, according to NY Magazine:

“An amendment in the GOP health-care-reform bill will allow states to deny coverage for preexisting conditions, including sexual assault.”


“The new MacArthur-Meadows Amendment will allow states to discriminate based on medical history, reportedly without addressing the subsequent high cost of health care for millions of Americans.

In addition to rape, postpartum depression, Cesarean sections, and surviving domestic violence are all considered preexisting conditions. Companies can also deny coverage for gynecological services and mammograms.”

When women know they will be labeled as having a pre-existing condition for being sexually assaulted, they are far less likely to seek care or report the crime. This helps give rapists a permission slip to attack women because they know they likely won’t get reported.

This fact is especially disturbing when taking into consideration Donald Trump’s history of being a sexual predator. Something he admitted on tape and people still voted for him.

Everything about what Republicans are doing with their new health bill is deeply disturbing. Instead of fixing the ACA and making it better, they are putting their own greedy replacement on the table to better help the wealthy while screwing over those most in need, veterans and the aging.


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