Trump Admits He Doesn’t Give A F*ck About Americans In Latest Health Care Tweet

Despite the fact that an overwhelming amount of Americans love Obamacare (and the health care bill has a higher approval rating than Donald Trump himself), the Republican Party is still moving to replace the Affordable Care Act.

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The health care bill that the Senate Republicans revealed earlier this week is an absolute assault on the lives of Americans. This bill would strip tens of millions of people of their health coverage, and Trump is backing it 100%. In a tweet that was sent early this morning, Trump whined about the Democrats that are standing up to the horrible health care bill, slamming Obamacare in the process. This honestly proves that he doesn’t give a sh*t about the Americans he’s supposed to be working for:

Because of Obamacare, more Americans are insured than ever, and Trump and the GOP are trying to undo that milestone. They are criticizing raised premiums, yet don’t mention the fact that their premiums won’t be any cheaper and will likely raise as well.

Under Trumpcare, AT LEAST 18 million people will lose health care coverage, and things like maternity care and emergency services will not be requirements despite how essential they are. Low-income individuals will be charged more for less and pre-existing conditions will practically become a death sentence. Medicaid will also be severely cut by $800 billion, as Andy Slavitt pointed out on Twitter:

“Medicaid could get decimated using waiver process. With incentives to. You should be in shock. And then action.”

The Senate Republicans’ health care bill is being trashed by medical experts across the country because it’s just that bad. Most Americans know it, too – it’s being reported that only 5% of Americans really want Trumpcare, but the GOP is still ramming it down everyone’s throats.

Under Trumpcare, thousands of people will die – and his support for such an unethical piece of legislation – while slamming a health care bill that actually SAVES lives – proves that he couldn’t care less.

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