Trump Administration Makes Insane Mistake In Email, This Is Beyond Crazy (TWEETS)

The amount of laziness and sloppiness we’ve seen from Donald Trump and his administration has been unprecedented. No other team in the White House has ever been capable of f*cking up so badly and consistently, and they refuse to do anything about it after having several high-profile bloopers. On Monday, Trump’s team suffered yet another major embarrassment thanks to their recklessness, and now the entire country is laughing at them.

Earlier today, the White House sent out an email to announce Trump’s new executive order to address “the situation in Venezuela” — except that’s not really what it said. Instead, Trump and his minions confused Venezuela for America, making for a very obvious and humiliating mistake.

The email’s subject headline says, “Executive Order on Taking Additional Steps to Address the Situation in America.” When you actually read the text that is in the rest of the email, it becomes very obvious that this is not what Trump meant…

Here’s the headline, which you can’t miss:

More than ever, it’s become very obvious that no one in Trump’s White House proofreads or double checks what is released to the public. As soon as this email was sent out, it caused confusion and amusement. CQ Roll Call’s Gopal Ratnam stated that he was afraid Trump was declaring martial law at first!

Many others pointed out how oddly “Freudian” the mistake from the Trump team was.

Here are some of the many other hilarious responses:


No one knows how the White House missed this, but our guess is that everyone in Trump’s White House is so busy trying to prevent the president from having another meltdown that there’s no time to do their actual jobs.

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