Trump Actually Wants RNC To Pay For His Legal Defense Fees In Russia Investigation (VIDEO)

Since Donald Trump got into the White House, we’ve witnessed him dragging the Republican Party on a daily basis. Apparently, humiliating the GOP to the extent that it has zero chance of a victory in the 2018 election isn’t enough – he’s finding new ways to make this open wound sting every day.

According to a new report by the Washington Post , a few members of Trump’s inner circle are actually trying to make the Republican National Committee take care of his legal costs for his explosive Russia investigation. That’s right – Trump and his team want the RNC to pay the legal defense fees for a mess the President got himself into.

The profile in the Post stated that Trump’s inner circle wants to use the RNC’s legal defense fund to take care of all the lawyers the White House needs to defend Trump in his Russia scandal. This was addressed on Friday as MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle and Ari Velshi spoke to Devlin Barrett, one of the writers who contributed to the report. In the discussion, Barrett explained:

“There have been some fairly robust…discussions about getting the Republican National Committee to pay for some of the president’s legal bills. I think that’s a hard sell in some ways to the RNC. They have their own things they want to pay for. But that shows you that there’s a lot of competing interests, let’s say, in how this gets resolved and who pays for what. The legal bills are going to be huge, no question.”

It seems highly unlikely that the RNC would actually cooperate and agree to footing the bill on Trump’s legal costs, but it’s pretty disgraceful that Trump and his team even suggested it. This administration has zero credibility and accountability, and this is just another instance that proves it.

You can watch the discussion on MSNBC below:

Featured image via Win McNamee  / Getty Images

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