Trump Accuses Obama Of Secretly Orchestrating The Leaks In The White House To Spite Him (VIDEO)

There was a time not so long ago when Republicans would absolutely lose their minds if Obama even so much as mentioned that he had inherited a complete disaster from the Bush administration. Two failing wars and a global debt crisis, but he wasn’t allowed to suggest that any of it was due to his predecessor. Times have changed. Trump is now more than a month into office and he’s openly already accusing Obama of secretly orchestrating the humiliating leaks that have plagued his poorly run administration.

For those wonder, yes that would be a felony and yes it would probably be considered treason. That’s the sitting president casually suggesting Obama has committed treason against the United States to spite him. He doesn’t even blink. He feels nothing when he says it.

Trump doesn’t just blame Obama for the town hall protests (a ludicrous suggestion in its own right), but also having his “team” leak classified information that “hurt national security.” As ever, Trump provides absolutely zero proof for any of these explosive claims. In fact, Obama has been nothing but gracious with Trump. Some on the left even feel Obama was too generous with the incoming president, who had spent years stoking birtherism.

It just goes to show that even after leaving office, Obama is being used to stoke paranoid conspiracies in the Fox News crowd. They “survived” Jade Helm. They managed to keep their guns. Grandma didn’t die in a death panel. We aren’t living under a socialist Muslim caliphate. And yet these lies continue to hold a lot of weight for the conservatives who were spoon fed them for eight years.

Now Trump appears to be willing to exploit those delusions to shrug off the mass protests forming in opposition to his policies and to excuse the leaks coming from concern individuals within the White House and other government agencies.

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