Trump Accuses Clinton Of ‘Collusion’ And Gets WRECKED For Being So F*cking Stupid (TWEETS)

On Sunday, Donald Trump’s morning toilet tweet contained perhaps his dumbest attack on Hillary Clinton yet. Allegedly, that evil woman Hillary Clinton colluded with the Democratic Party.

“Hillary Clinton colluded with the Democratic Party in order to beat Crazy Bernie Sanders. Is she allowed to so collude?” Trump tweeted. “Unfair to Bernie!”

Now, you may need to get your bearings after learning that Clinton — a Democrat — “colluded” with her own party, so here’s a picture of a cute kitty napping for you to stare at.

Now that your shock has worn off…

This, of course, was Trump’s latest attempt to distract from his own collusion with Vladimir Putin, whom the CIA says directly ordered his goons to install The Donald in the Oval Office through a massive propaganda and hacking campaign that we now know included the altering of voter databases.

Pretty much everyone surrounding Trump — including his children — has incredibly suspicious connections to Russia — but, hey, Clinton worked with members of her own party to win the nomination which is totally just as bad as working with Russia to subvert our democracy…right?

Naturally, Americans once again banded together to inform Trump that he is the dumbest human on the planet:

When will Republicans man/woman up and initiate impeachment proceedings? At this point, Trump has done nothing but provide evidence that he is a traitor. It’s time for him to leave or be forced to leave.

Featured image via CBS/screengrab

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