Trump Accidentally Admits He ‘Gave Our Country Away’ And Sets The Internet On FIRE (TWEETS)

So, Donald Trump kinda just admitted he “gave our country away.”

Ever since his campaign’s infancy, The Donald has been fighting for Russia — especially after he asked the Kremlin to hack his political opponents for him and Vladimir Putin delivered. Since he became President-with-an-asterisk, he has been doing quite a few favors for Russia (including, but not limited to, easing sanctions imposed by the Obama administration in response to the Russian attack on our election).

At the summit Trump and Putin met face to face for the first time and were so inseparable that Melania Trump’s effort to break up the meeting, which was scheduled for just over a half hour and ran more than two hours, were in vain. Trump even proposed — and retracted following a barrage of criticism — a joint cybersecurity effort with the Kremlin. Its purpose, he said, was “so that election hacking, & many other negative things, will be guarded.”

Trump is slipping. He’s letting tiny little admissions of guilt slide through the cracks — like in this tweet:

In this example, Chelsea Clinton is a replacement for Ivanka, who recently made the highly irregular move of sitting in for Trump at the ‘G-19’ summit. “Her mother,” of course, would be Hillary Clinton — President. Simply put, Trump just admitted he “gave our country away” to Putin.

Naturally, Americans are (as usual) furious with him for being such a monumental dumbf*ck.:

Trump, of course, is attempting to distract from the fact that his son recently admitted to colluding with Russians. Admitted it to a reporter. Because he’s that stupid.

It’s time for Republicans to “grow a pair,” put their country before their party for the first time in their f*cking lives,  and impeach Trump.

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