Top Veterans Group Brutalizes Trump On Twitter, And It’s Glorious (TWEET)

When it comes to being a president to all Americans, Donald Trump isn’t that at all. In fact, he only seems to want to cater to the people who voted for him and believe his every lie word.

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For those of you who may think Trump is pro-military and pro-veteran like he pretends to be, think again, he blocked one of the top Veterans’ groups on Twitter because they had the audacity to call him out.

The Veterans’ group VoteVets, “the largest progressive group of veterans in America,” was blocked after responding to one of Trump’s tweets:


And they’re not about to let him forget it.

Just because you’re blocked by Trump doesn’t mean you still can’t see his tweets. It’s amazing, this internet thing. It’s really catching on.

After Trump tweeted out

VoteVets responded with this brutal statement:

“If @POTUS were to take a laxative, there’d be nothing left two hours later but some hair and a small bit of orange skin. #FakePerson”


And that’s all they had to say about that. Wow.

They didn’t hold back. At. All. Tell us how you really feel.

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