Top Senate Intel Just Handed Trump Jr. His A** In Less Than A Minute And It’s Amazing

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted out earlier that he would not mind working with Senate Intelligence Committee and saying,

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 Happy to work with the committee to pass on what I know.

Well, the time is coming soon according to Senate Intelligence Committee ranking member Sen. Mark Warner. In an interview with MSNBC, he took less than a min to confirm that he be forcing Trump Jr. in for questioning while slamming him and his father for constantly denying that they have had no collusion with Russia.

“For a campaign and now a president who continues to say there’s no there-there, yet, virtually every week or two there’s more stories of meetings undisclosed meetings with Russian officials that beg the question if there’s no there-there, why aren’t more of these people coming clean in a more regular fashion?”

This is true. There is so much ‘there’ that it’s impossible to keep letting it slide. As much as they are looking for information to go into this investigation, Trump and his criminal family are just giving it away for free! So why haven’t we moved forward with an impeachment?

Check out the video below,

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