Top Republican Makes STUNNING Threat, Unleashes ‘End Of The Trump Presidency’ (VIDEO)

Much to the horror of the entire Republican Party, Donald Trump has been absolutely hammering Attorney General Jeff Sessions in front of the entire world in hopes that the AG will resign. Previously, Trump stated that he was upset with Sessions for recusing himself from overseeing Trump’s Russia investigation, and claimed that if he’d known Sessions would recuse himself, he never would have hired him in the first place.

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Trump’s humiliation of Sessions is due to his belief that a new attorney general could somehow save him from the Russia investigation that is closing in on him more and more each day. Also on the chopping block would be special counsel Robert Mueller, another threat to Trump in his Russia scandal. Trump’s very public thrashing of Sessions and Mueller has the GOP up in arms and pissed as hell, and one top Republican senator – Lindsey Graham – is just about done with Trump.

Speaking to reporters earlier today, the South Carolina senator went off on Trump, standing up for Sessions and issuing a stern warning for the idiot in the White House. Graham warned that Trump’s vicious attacks on Sessions are “not going over well in the Senate” and the “conservative world.” Graham warned that as POTUS, Trump had the power to fire Sessions, but if he used that power he must “accept the consequences.” What are those consequences? Graham threatened Trump’s presidency:

“If Jeff Sessions is fired, there will be holy hell to play. Any effort to go after Mueller will be the beginning of the end for the Trump presidency unless Mueller did something wrong.”

“Right now I have no reason to believe that Mueller is compromised. If you’ve got reason to believe he shouldn’t be serving as special counsel, let me know.”

You can watch Graham lose it with Trump below:

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