Top Republican Is Pushing Trump To Strike North Korea, This Is CRAZY (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s 17-day vacation is turning into an absolute disaster. With far too much time on his hands and not nearly enough supervision, Trump is now threatening North Korea with nuclear war. He is an absolute maniac right now, tweeting extremely dangerous messages like this:

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While America is on edge and terrified of what its unhinged president might do next, some people are not making the situation any better. This morning, Top Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) actually defended and encouraged Trump, which will undoubtedly make Trump even more trigger happy.

On CBS This Morning, Graham pushed an ominous message onto Trump, stating that if the Trump administration wants to go to war with North Korea, “the time for talking is running out”. Apparently, Graham doesn’t care about the consequences because the damage will “be in the region, not here in America.” Graham stated that armed hostilities are pretty much inevitable:

We’ve learned from Iraq you need to be cautious, but I do believe Donald Trump will not allow Kim Jong-un to get a missile to hit America with a nuclear weapon on top, and it’s a matter of time until that capability exists. So, I hope we can do this [with] diplomacy and sanctions or war would be terrible, but if there’s going to be a war, it’s going to be in the region, not here in America.”

Graham further defended Trump’s nuclear threats to North Korea, stating that the country is “absolutely” ready to strike. As a Republican who has often criticized Trump, Graham’s statements here are quite surprising:

President Trump has basically drawn a red line saying that he’ll never allow North Korea to have an ICBM missile that could hit America with a nuclear weapon on top. He’s not going to let that happen. He’s not going to contain the threat, he’s going to stop the threat.”

Graham also didn’t seem to care about the fact that hundreds of innocent people could be killed in Korea, or the fact that tens of thousands of American troops that are currently in Seoul, would suffer. Graham was only worried about America’s homeland:

Put yourself in President Trump’s shoes for a moment — where does your allegiance lie?” he said. “Isn’t your primary purpose as President of the United States to protect the American homeland from a nuclear weapon attack by a guy like Kim Jong-un?… He’s gonna pick homeland defense over regional stability and he has to.”

This is absolutely terrifying. Trump hardly needs encouragement to thrust us into nuclear war, but Graham is laying it on thick. You can watch Graham issue these remarks below:

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