Top GOP Website Makes Creepy Request Of America; Here’s What They Want Us To Do To Trump (IMAGE)

There have been a lot of weird things that we’ve witnessed with Donald Trump running for president and then becoming with Russia’s help *president. We’ve seen people fall hook, line, and sinker for Trump’s lies that he’s a decent human being who’s a good business man who is worthy of holding the highest office in the nation.

We’ve also seen Trump pretend to be Christian. And if you know the Bible even a little bit, you’d know that’s not true at all.

However, taking conservatives love for everything Jesus, even if it’s in name only, top GOP-loving conservative political website, Drudge Report, posted on their homepage that we should all be laying hands on Trump and praying for him.

Here’s the creepy photo:

What the hell is that? And what they hell should we be praying for him for? For him to stop being investigated for obstruction of justice? For him to be able to hold it together while his son is being looked at for treason?

He’s made his criminal bed, now he needs to deal with it. But sure, pray — pray for the nation to be able to withstand whatever Trump does to the country.

(*pending investigations into Russian meddling in the 2016 election)

Featured Photo by Getty Images

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