Top Ethics Lawyer Just Schooled Trump Admin: ‘People Are Going To The Slammer’ In Russia Probe

Donald Trump has been trying to do everything he can to get away from Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his investigation into Trump’s tangled mess with Russia and the 2016 election. While the president continues to tell America that there has been “no collusion” and that it’s all “fake news,” a top ethics lawyer has a harsh message for the erratic POTUS.

Yesterday, Richard Painter, who was the top lawyer for then-President George W. Bush, told CNN that “people are going to the slammer” in the Russia probe. In an “OutFront” segment, Painter stated that there was no doubt in his mind that there was collusion in the 2016 presidential race, and that Trump and his team are going to pay for it sooner or later.

Painter brought up a recent court filing by Mueller claiming that ex-Trump campaign advisor Richard Gates had been in contact with a Russian intelligence agent while the campaign was taking place, and suggested that this is “probably only the beginning” of more evidence to come.

Painter said:

A lot of people are lying about their contacts with the Russians and that’s criminal, so we’re going to have people going to slammer over this. The question is who and how high this is going to reach in respect to criminal conduct. But the notion of no collusion is ridiculous because there is collusion and we know it by now.”

Trump should be terrified of Painter’s expert legal opinion, as well as the fact that Gates is now cooperating with Mueller despite originally pleading not guilty last year. As more evidence is discovered, Trump is having a harder time convincing America that this is merely a “witch hunt.”

You can watch Painter weigh in on Mueller’s investigation below:

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